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The Company  

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The company
VSI is an international private company specializing in value added automated professional and reliable web hosting services. The company operates it's network in North America, Central America, Europe and soon Asia. It’s management is assured by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the field. As an IPP (internet presence provider) VSI does not offer local access internet services. Keeping domains hosted and managed separately from access companies gives clients more stability and flexibility to adapt in an ever changing world .

Unique strengths
Our human resources are our unique strengths.

Etienne R. Duguay , Network Security Consultant, you may call him Steven.
Steven has worked as special consultant for large organizations such as Air Canada, Agriculture Canada, Minolta Corp., Hydro-Qu/bec, Bell Canada, Bell Helicopter, DND Canada, the Project Management Center, and many other major accounts in both the private and public sector. As a successful entrepreneur, he started his first company in 1986 and then started an Internet-only business in 1995 providing Web design, E -commerce applications and Web hosting solutions. He supervises most projects and resources at Virtual Space International Inc.
Publications by Etienne Duguay: ISBN 2-89521-001-2; ISBN 2-89472-062-9; link

Gerhard Mourani, Network Architect, you may call him Gerry.
Creator of the Linux “Openna Linux Distribution” and author of Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution, ISBN 0968879314, Gerhard Mourani is an experienced network architect and administrator. In addition to his creations, he has worked as consultant for companies such as PrivalODC, Inc., Open Network Architecture, Inc, IATA (International Air Transport Association), Spike1, Miranda, BIMCOR (Bell Canada), REEVES Communication and many more.
Publications you can read by Gerhard Mourani:
Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution (v.3.0) ISBN 0968879314

Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution (v.3.0)

Title: Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution
Author's: Gerhard Mourani
Page Count: 1208
Version: 3.0
Date: June, 2002
ISBN 0968879314

Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution (v.2.0)

Title: Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution
Author's: Gerhard Mourani
Page Count: 855
Version: 2.0
Date: May, 2001
ISBN 0968879306

Securing & Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition (v.1.3)

Title: Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition
Author's: Gerhard Mourani
Page Count: 487
Version: 1.3
Date: June, 2000
ISBN 0970033001

Other network administrators and technicians are all under our tight supervision to make sure you get the quality of service you require and pay for.

Data center: Using state of the art technology, VSI offers all automated services in a secured and efficient way using Java highly flexible object oriented language. These applications combined with open source software such as Linux, Apache etc. allows VSI tremendous scalability and offer one of the strong value in the industry.

Fully automated tasks scheduling reduces significantly the need for human resources, low acquisition costs for license and Intel based computers used in server clusters provide higher profit margins for resellers and rebillers.

End user benefits
Advantages for a typical user are autonomy, speed, ease of use, cost effectiveness, reliability and for resellers transparency provided by detailed billing.

Target Market
Lawyers and notaries, high-end users/companies, money generating sites, anyone who wish to outsource a hostmaster or hiring/paying for a hostmaster part time who will oversee your business full time 24/7/365.

Reliability is assured by a high availability security model and high quality partners such as Peer1 Network, I-web and other data centers who are currently providing the infrastructures and know-how for uninterruptible connectivity and physical intergrity.

VSI is committed to improving and adding requested features on a regular basis as well as adding more and more languages. Achieving and promoting the paperless office, VSI is using Internet only services to communicate with it's client base. In addition to a bulletin board allowing information exchanges, VSI provides e-mail support in all languages currently supported.

For any questions not addressed in the FAQ, please contact by e-mail your support agent.

Note : The mailing address in Nassau should not be used for customer support, please contact your agent by e-mail only.

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