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What to look for in a web hosting provider

Even tough this is pretty much common sense, it is often overlook when one is researching for a web hosting provider: What are my real web hosting needs or requirements?

An honest and detailed answer to that question would help you find out the right match for you. Should it be a free web hosting provider or a commercial web host, the lowest priced me too web-host company or a small but professional web hosting expert? A personalized webhosting service with a reliable web site hosting provider or one of those who make unrealistic promises of resources quantities (oversell) that you will never need or is not even possible?

A need is pretty different from a desire, they sometimes coincide but not all the time. You might want a brand new car but do you really need a 3rd car?

The same applies for web hosting. Nowadays you have so many providers offering you so much that it is getting harder and harder to make a sound decision. That is when making a good old requirement check list is helping in filtering out the hype from reality.

If you have no idea about the potential costs associated with your web site or what your webhosting requirements are it is because you do not know enough about how a web-site works. You could first read this article and come back here afterward.

Probably the first question to ask for in order to determine your web-hosting requirement is: will my web site generate money? If not, then you know that no matter what it will always be an expense unless it eliminates other expenses such as printing or postage.

Secured email communication is a mustIf it generates money, then you know that whoever will be in charge to maintain the web site afloat will have a responsibility that is usually proportional to the risks involved. This usually commands for a experienced web hosting partner and hostmaster that you can trust.

What to look for
Except for technical features, one should first look for, 1) the reputation of the people behind the products and services because no matter where you go or if you drive a hummer or a kiddy car, the difference would probably be the driver. Of course you would have selected the proper car before engaging in the desert and a good driver would have refused to take the kiddy car on that mission.

“When you website is earning revenues, your hostmaster becomes your partner”

Another thing to look for is 2) how fast do they respond to your requests for help. The delay will give you a feeling about the type of service you will get, usually the larger the company, the longer the delay, but not all the time. Try to get into an e-mail conversation and if you like the pace, chances are this is the type of delay that you will get when working with this webhosting provider or hostmaster.

The last major point to verify is, 3) are they competent? This is key and probably the hardest thing to verify but it is certainly worth your while. Do no hesitate to ask for referrals.

Remember, hosting your web site by professionals host masters with proven track records is a good way to make sure you reach your goals and it will require more money than hosting a non profitable web site for which, regular low cost web hosting solution could become attractive.

So the choice of a personalized webhosting service with a reliable website hosting provider it a sound decision for any serious business whose return on investment is a primary goal.

Where is you skipper? hostmaster for you demanding web hosting requirementsWhen you entrut the hosting of your money making
web sites to professional hostmasters, you get the peace of mind that all gears in your business plans are well oiled and that if one breaks up, the ship will still reach its destination as the crew on board is trained to carry on repairs for any scenarios on a timely manner.

By Etienne Duguay - Friday, May 02, 2008
Network Administrator - VSI


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